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Empty your cup full The story of Master Suzuki

Teacher Suzuki's story

Whatever your previous experiences, when you join any business you want to succeed in, you need to be like a child.. (Empty your cup)

Empact the cup. A gold base of success of the success of your successor however of your previous experiences and when you join any work you want to succeed in it you need to be like a child. (Afrang cup) * The story of the teacher Suzuki: In one of the remote Chinese villages there was a great teacher named "Suz The school system was imposed on the newborn student (first grade) that served as a servant for the school to join the school as well as professional business and crafts from planting and cutting wood. By the end of the year, students were standing and then passing the teacher on each of them and says to him: Congratulations .. You succeeded and will move for the second grade. - Doing the teacher with all students except for the son of Ghani .. He said to him: Unfortunately will remain in the first row another year! - The student is inflated - the owner of the European certificates - from the teacher's decision, yet he did not seek the cause of his failure, but he said. - And passed another year .. and repeated the scenario former year and told him the teacher: Unfortunately will stay in the first row another! And he was ... - The teacher looked at him and smiled quiet smile and said: I poured me Cuba from the teapot that is in front of you! - The student is in the same and began to pour tea in the cup and stopped when a boat on the fullness .. The teacher said: Why did you stop? .. Continue! - The student continued to pour tea until the cup was filled out about the last, flowing and flow on the table and then on the ground .. - The student said: I must stop, my teachers, I have a cup for the last. It can not accommodate more ..! - Here smile the teacher and said: You look like this cup quite .. How can I know you wise unless you open your cup first?! Your mind is full of many ideas and prejudices. And will not be able to learn something new as you feel that you are on briefing and knowing everything !! This story is on its simplicity containing a number of important lessons: 1 - however for human beings and reach a large level of position and high-end certificates from the best and entrepreneurship of universities and tortured all the countries of the world and learns all science and knowledge in those countries and a lot 4 - Commander Suzuki when the wholesale blog shot of course I mean, of course, emptying the mind and forgetting all of his previously and threw behind your back. But they are indicative that the mind is originally not to be emptied and mobilized


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