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How to prepare written and illustrated technical reports?

؟How to prepare written and illustrated technical reports

A follower of the crime scene expert group received a question on WhatsApp as follows:

Ok, I hope my brothers will benefit from some in the interventions on the issue of how to prepare the criminal file or the so-called forensic technical report illustrated in terms of the contents of the file according to the arrangement and preparation? Is it the same pattern in every country?

My comment was as follows: -

Every expert has his own way of preparing and drafting inspection reports and technical expertise, and there are pre-prepared and circulated forms that are to be worked out ...

And every country differs from the other, and also every expert differs from the other in the way of formulating and preparing reports, but there are constants that cannot be deviated from, and the difference is in the form and content, for example, I do not like the use of ready-made cans, and I like to depart from the usual and depart from the text. Preparation and drafting of written and illustrated technical reports may correspond with other models in matters and differ in other things, and as I told you, each country has its own models, and also each expert has its own model and method for preparing and drafting reports, as well as there is a difference in the method of preparing written and illustrated technical reports according to the type of incident where The method of preparing the murder case report, for example, differs from the report of theft, suicide or explosion, the report of forgery and forgery, the reports of incidents of assault on money and soul, or shooting crimes, meaning that each crime or incident has a method in the formulation and preparation of the written and photographed technical report

In general, the method of preparing visual and written technical reports is not a Qur’an that is not subject to distortion or amendment, and the field is open to everyone for creativity, development, modernization and innovation in terms of form and content. Therefore, I invite everyone to think, innovate and develop from their level and not rely on ready and fixed things. Try to add or touch something that distinguishes them from others. Put your fingerprint, find difference from others, sometimes difference makes distinction Be yourself and don't be anyone else ,,

September 13, 2020

Crime Scene Expert

Nasser Ahmed Hussein


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