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What crime did you discover

What crime did you discover, what are your academic degrees, and how many years of experience did you have in this field?

What is the crime that you discovered, what are your academic degrees that you obtained, and how many years of experience in this field are you?

◀ Gordney a question from one of the honorable brothers commenting on a post I had on my (crime scene expert) Facebook page with the following content: -

What crime did you discover, what are your academic degrees, and how many years of experience did you have in this field?

I don’t know if the question’s goal is knowledge, incapacity, bragging, showing off, or something else?

Whatever the goal of the questioner, I will answer his question frankly and clearly, but before that I must clarify to him and others, and to all of us, an important matter: - Whatever knowledge a person attains, no one reaches perfection and no matter what knowledge, skills, and abilities I possess, he still needs to learn and acquire more ... Universities and institutes are not sufficient to obtain expertise, skills and abilities, and there is another side higher and more important than all universities, which is the field of work, practice and practical application for long years and the practice of work in a field for a long period of time has an important role in refining a person and making him an expert in his profession and proficient in his specialization ... even if it is He holds a modest academic degree and simple academic qualification.

If the circumstances helped you or you got an opportunity to learn and obtain the highest academic degrees and high scientific qualifications, this does not mean that you underestimate the right of others or underestimate their abilities, skills, and experiences and diminish their status ...

And I know a lot of working employees who hold degrees, degrees and higher ranks who are not even good at preparing, drafting and producing reports, whether they are inspection reports and technical expertise or other reports. In return, there are many people with modest education and qualifications who are creative and brilliant and possess capabilities, skills and experiences that exceed many holders of higher degrees, but they are not They get the opportunity to qualify and continue their education and obtain official documents called certificates proving that they are graduates and have qualifications, although they are already qualified and have the competence and eligibility, but they only lack legitimacy with official documents from the specialized academies.

And advice to everyone, and I start with myself, do not despise any of the people even if his degree is lower than you and his level of education is modest and you have the highest certificates from the best and most prestigious international universities because he may have skills and experiences that you do not possess and may have information or skills of his own that you did not learn and did not pass you through The long years of your education, and how many an obscure humble person who does not possess any qualifications or degrees will dazzle you with his abilities, skills, and experiences

⏺️ By referring to a question following my page, I will answer it frankly and clearly not in order to prove to him what I possess in terms of qualifications, degrees, experiences, skills and abilities, and what are the crimes that I discovered, but I will answer him because his question opened up horizons in front of me and gave me important ideas that I had and were going in my mind and I tried to write them and did not I find the opportunity, and in order for everyone to benefit, I preferred to answer the brother's question in a post, and my answers are the following: -

“I do not possess any higher educational degrees, my qualifications are very modest, and my work experience compared to senior scientists and professors of forensic evidence is also modest for nearly two decades since I joined forensic evidence for nearly twenty years ..

As for the crimes that I discovered, there are many crimes that have passed through me, and inspection reports and technical expertise had the pivotal role in uncovering them and clarifying the circumstances of their occurrence, as well as accidents such as suicide and other accidents that occur for non-criminal reasons, either negligence by the victim, miscalculation, tampering, drowning, suffocation or I bought an electrician or something else ...

It is not necessary for the perpetrator to be unknown so that the expert has a role in the crimes as well. The manner and manner in which the incident or incident took place may be, and you need an expert person to uncover its circumstances ...

Sometimes well-known crimes occur in front of the eyes and ears of many, but many of the accused are an example of this. The incidents of exchanges of fire from several sides and between armed groups and from different and different locations in terms of locations result in dead and injured victims. Due to the large number of participants and the multiplicity of parties and locations, there is confusion and ambiguity in the knowledge of the destination and the sites. What happened to each victim, and the party that investigates the injury of each victim.

Here, the role of the expert in determining the distance and destination of the shooting and the places from which the casualties are verified will be crucial and pivotal.

I cannot mention to you specific crimes in their own right and in full details and there are many crimes ... God knows that I did not intend to talk about them directly because I do not like to talk about myself and leave that to others ..

But the question of the brother following the page compelled me to talk about some of the crimes that are brought to me, for example but not limited to, in which the inspection reports and the technical expertise that I submitted had the main role in uncovering them and giving decisive opinions about them based on scientific data and evidence, and the determination of them in terms of the method and method of their commission, the means used and proof Is this a criminal incident and there is a perpetrator, or is it an accident ((suicide, fatigue, death, poisoning, suffocation, other accidental accidents)

And as I told you, there are many crimes and incidents in which, by the grace of God, I had the main role, and I do not want to mention them here in detail, but I will mention to you, for example, but not limited to, the last two cases that I am now present: -

◀ The first body of an adult woman was found dead in one of the rooms of her house in which she lives with her husband and harmed her i.e. the second wife, although the crime scene was tampered with and the body was transferred from it to a health center and I was informed that there was a woman who hanged herself and moved to the health center and I examined the body and only through an inspection The corpse found that the incident was a criminal and not a suicide, and I moved to the house and examined the room in which I found the corpse, and I did not find any sign of suicide in the room by hanging, nor did I find any rope or means used for hanging or a suitable place for the occurrence of suicide by hanging and through slitting marks ( The wound) located on the neck, which is not a crescent disk, it became clear to me that the incident was not suicide, but suffocation, and through the marks on the socket (wound) that is located on only one side of the neck, the wound is small in length and width, 6 cm in length and half a cm in width, and there are no scratches or wounds Others on the incision due to the rope and its being shallow and not sunken in the body. It became clear to me that the strangulation strangled and not hanged. The method used for strangulation is a soft and not rough tool, and that the victim was strangled and not hanged .. and the position that she was in the position of lying on the ground on her side The right-hand side and I found other signs confirming this to me and the most important evidence is what I found around her neck, which is a leather belt attached to the victim's neck that is used to hang the cell phone by the women so that it does not fall from them, as well as it is used to hang the keys, and this walk is circular around the neck and with a large opening and it is thin and width not exceeding half a cm and soft then I made sure that she was strangled by it while she was on the ground, and this confirmed to me the presence of resistance effects on the body, as well as the bloody sediment along the right side of the corpse, and the hands were curved outward in two sharp angles in the position of bending and everyone knows that the hands in suicide by hanging are next to the body and there is no bending in them then I gave the decisive technical opinion to the inference gathering authorities in the forensic investigation that the incident was killed by suffocation, not by hanging, and the body was sent to the refrigerator with a recommendation to be presented to the forensic doctor. The forensic doctor was assigned to examine the body and submitted his report in which it was stated that the incident was suicide by hanging, and I do not know what the data and evidence are Which made him give a decisive technical opinion that the victim committed suicide and her husband was arrested and imprisoned, and he stated in his statements that he found her dead in her room in the position that they saw who summoned He removed them from the neighbors and that she hanged herself and insisted on that. As for his second wife, she left the house after her husband was arrested to her family’s house, and the case with the husband was referred to the prosecution office as he is accused of killing his wife according to the experience report and the technical inspection only without the presence of any evidence other than the evidence which is the testimony of the neighbors The occurrence of several previous assaults of beating by the husband on his wife, and the Public Prosecution investigated the incident based on the report of the crime scene expert that I submitted and gave a decisive technical opinion that the incident was an incident of killing by suffocation by pulling a skin belt around the victim's neck until she died and since then I did not follow up The course of the case, even a few days ago, we were on a work mission with me and a colleague of the prosecution and we met the brother of the Chief Prosecutor, who when he saw us, he welcomed us and praised us with words of thanks and appreciation for our efforts in all the facts and crimes, especially the case of the aforementioned hypocrisy and confirmed that what came in the inspection report and our technical expertise is correct and that The husband and his second wife were involved in the murder of the victim

◀ The second is another pregnant woman who was strangled by her husband on the ground and told the police station that she committed suicide by hanging herself and moved with her about two years ago, and as soon as I arrived at the crime scene from which the victim was not removed, I gave a decisive technical opinion, which is that the victim was strangled and was not hanged, and that there was a perpetrator. The investigation with the husband's relatives and the arrest and interrogation of the victim's husband was denied at the beginning and after he was confronted with the decisive technical opinion issued by me and the contradictions between his previous and subsequent statements with the statements of his relatives, he admitted that he was the one who suffocated his pregnant wife, and as you all know that it is not permissible to publish inspection reports and technical expertise in sites Social communication or pictures of the victims and the victims, unless the picture of the injury or the wound is for the purpose of learning only. As for the inspection reports and written technical expertise, we do not legally have the right to publish them.

And God knows that since the founding of this page and the rest of the crime scene expert sites I have not talked about myself or my accomplishments, but I had to speak because of the brother’s request, as I mentioned earlier, so that everyone knows that I see myself as a learner and a student in the presence of the great experts in forensic science and in the learning phase, and I will remain so throughout My life because knowledge and learning have no end or end ((Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave)) and whatever the age, educational level, and qualifications that a person has attained, this does not mean that he has become complete or that he has reached the end of knowledge and surrounded him in all respects ((I mentioned that In a previous post with the quote from the story Emptying Your Cup to Commander Suzuki)) I would also like to clarify an important matter that not everyone who possesses a scientific qualification and a high degree can only innovate and excel, and there are many who possess modest qualifications, but they have enriched the libraries with their writings and creativity, and there are geniuses, inventors and discoverers who served mankind and provided They have amazing inventions and they do not have any higher or even modest educational qualifications and some of them have escaped from school and became of great importance.

As for the title of crime scene expert, I did not call it myself, but rather the judges who deal with them in practice are the ones who gave this title to me through the inspection reports and the technical expertise that I continuously raise to them and obtain their satisfaction and admiration and obtain from it scientific evidence that leads them to the truth. .

◀ I will also mention to you another matter, which is regarding the accused and the parties to the crimes that I moved with after the completion of the litigation procedures and the verdict in the crimes and the end of the sentence. The parties met with some of them confirming to me that what was mentioned in my report on such a case that happened a while ago is what happened exactly and as if I was present in The crime scene, and what you mentioned and what it showed of explaining how the incident took place, the direction from which the injury was verified, and the situation in which the perpetrator and the victim was is what actually happened.

Talking about this topic is long and we cannot encompass it in a publication..and it needs books to write all the facts and incidents that I have examined, and have submitted inspection reports and technical experience in them, and, God willing and extend my life, I will write them in a book and print it if I have the material capabilities And the time and publish it, and if I was not able to do that, it is enough for me the honor to try and I promise you that I remain a student and educated throughout my life and I will never think that I have completed my education and that I have reached the end of my education and that I have reached the end and end of knowledge, and what I possess in terms of skills, experiences and abilities is just a drop of the sea ...

As I said earlier, a person cannot talk about himself, his qualifications and achievements, and if it were not for the question of the brother following the page, as I mentioned earlier, I will not write this publication and leave talking about my qualifications, degrees, abilities, skills and experiences for the inspection reports and the technical experience that I prepare, formulate and submit to the competent authorities, for it is the true measure, judgment and honorable brotherhood Colleagues in the field or members of the prosecution, judges and lawyers who deal with me and know me in practical terms by following my Facebook page or my group on WhatsApp or my blog on Blogger Autotube or Twitter or Telegram Answer and respond to the questions of a brother and dear colleague and others who have these questions in their heads

◀ Note // My qualification is very modest compared to higher academic degrees, which is a diploma, in addition to many specialized courses in forensic sciences and crime scenes. Because of the financial situation and living conditions that my family was going through before joining the forensic evidence, I could not continue and complete my education and after employment and marriage I formed a family My responsibilities have increased and as everyone knows, we do not have any specialized academy in forensic science in Yemen to qualify experts working in forensic evidence, and I do not have any financial means to join any academy abroad on my own account, and the situation in Yemen is not hidden from everyone, and I have no luck in obtaining a scholarship from The state or a scholarship to complete my studies or even obtain foreign courses at any academy or institute specialized in forensic sciences

The lack of material capabilities, devices, equipment, and advanced forensic laboratories we have and the situation in which the country is living has a negative role in our performance, however we still continue to make efforts and work according to what is available to us.

And excuse me for the prolongation

Nasser Ahmed Hussein

Crime Scene Expert

September 8, 2020


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