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الصفحة الرئيسية

Our problem is not with the texts, but with misunderstanding

We are not against the hadiths of the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, which call for obedience to the ruler!!
Or that we lie to them or claim that they are incorrect or that they are weak conversations, but we are against the wrong understanding of them!!

Yes, our honorable Prophet said, “Listen and obey, and if an Abyssinian slave is appointed over you, his head is like a raisin, and also a hadith, “Listen and obey,” and that your back is flogged and he takes your money. Without a salary, and the Messenger of God also did not say, “Listen and obey the guardian,” even if he lives in a luxurious life and has investments in Dubai, funds and companies in all countries of the world.
The Messenger of God also did not say listen and obey even if the guardian was receiving health care in the most luxurious hospitals in the world and he did not build a hospital in his country that would live up to the standards or even receive treatment with his family there.
The Messenger of God did not say listen and obey even if the ruler allied with militias, saboteurs and bandits against the state to overthrow it.
The Messenger of God did not say, “Listen and obey,” even if the guardian possesses all the necessities of life and a comfortable life, and you do not have the sustenance of your day.
The Messenger of God said, “Listen and obey, even if your back is flogged and your money is taken.” But the intention of this hadith is not the apparent meaning or the meaning that the custodians of the temple are trying to explain to us.
Of course, the Messenger is the mercy that is bestowed on humanity, and he said: “Whoever grieves this woman with her children,” or as he said, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, referring to the chicks of the bird, then by God, you are the one who possesses this tender heart and is kind to animals, even inanimate objects, in the event of the trunk that yearns for him.
He accepts that a person is flogged and his money is taken by the Sultan. What is this strange contradiction!!
As I told you, our problem is not with the texts or the hadiths, but our problem is with the misunderstanding of them and the interpretation of them according to the whims and desires of the sultans, and the adaptation of the texts and hadiths in the interest of the individual, tyrannical ruler and giving him all rights, and depriving the citizen of any rights, and stripping him of the right to live in dignity and share in wealth and power ..
The meaning indicated by a hadeeth, and that your back is flogged and your money is taken, is if your back is flogged with a punishment that the sultan deems appropriate for a crime or violation you committed, for which there is no Qur’anic text, hadeeth, or jurisprudential opinion on which the scholars and jurists of the nation have unanimously agreed. Like the unprotected skin of an adulterer.
As for taking your money, it is not intended for the Sultan to come and plunder your money or public money and embezzle it and invest it in Dubai, Europe and other global attractions and investments for personal interests.
Taking your money here means if the ruler decides to impose any taxes on the citizens in general, small amounts to support the state treasury or to face a disaster or danger other than the specified zakat resources, then the ruler has the right to do so out of necessity and with the approval of the people of the solution and the contract or what is called the House of Representatives now.
When is obedience to the ruler obligatory? And what are the conditions that must be met in obedience to the guardian? Is any ruler, prince or king considered a guardian and must be obeyed? And did our noble Prophet set standards for obedience to the ruler, or was he satisfied with the criterion of form ((his head is like a raisin)) Questions must be made Everyone should think about it, operate our minds, and analyze it with accurate analysis based on the correct data and evidence from the life and biography of our noble Prophet, the biography of the caliphs after him, and the history of successive Islamic countries to this day.
Obedience to the guardian is obligatory if the conditions for guardianship are fulfilled in him, regardless of his form, color, sect or nationality.
So what are the conditions of guardianship and when is obedience his duty?
The most important conditions are eligibility, to eat from what I eat and wear from what I wear, and for my children to receive education and health care, and to have access to all services similar to what they receive for the children of the guardian.
In short, the incorrect understanding of all the texts that talk about obedience to the ruler is the reason for all that we are in, so if there was a good lining around the sultans and the rulers of affairs that would enlighten them and explain to them their rights and duties, and regulate the relationship between the ruler and the ruled and what are the duties of the individual towards the ruler and the rights of the individual over the ruler, and not granting the ruler Full power and the right to dispose of the people like a herd, we would now be in a different situation of prosperity and comfortable living.
But unfortunately there are those who want to disable the feature that God has favored us over the rest of the creatures, which is the ability to think and operate the minds...
7 am on Monday 11/2/2020
✍️ Nasser Ahmed Hussein


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